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Concept Nail Art Products

7 Gorgeous Chromes perfect nail art extras, use crystal clear no wipe top coat cure for 10 secs in LED, burnish any of these precious metals into the nail and wow! what stunners!!  $7.50 each

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‘Where Only The Best Will Do’

Purple people unite! Burnish this versatile chrome over any polish color to reveal a beautiful glow of purple. 

(Shown here over black)


Dazzle Gel $12.50

ON SALE!  Now Just $5.00

Create stunning nail art affects with this one of a kind gel, making line work a cinch, geometric shapes are a breeze. This no wipe art gel is so simple to use!  MMA and HEMA-Free

Concept Gel Paint $12.50 each/$120.00 set 

Vibrant colors! Maximum pigment! Use this painting gel for fine line work, flowers, one stroke or any detailed design. Can be used just like polish! No wipe painting gels gives you the versatility you need to design for days. Cures in 10 sec. LED/UV.  MMA and HEMA-Free

Crystal Collection SS Diamonds 

20 pcs. For $5.00

High Quality crystal diamonds, brilliant light reflective qualities, apply with Diamond Gel. 

10 pcs. For $5.00

Bling Pots $7.00

Diamond Gel (Diamond/Gem Adhesive) $12.50

Adhere, secure and bling out nails with our Diamond Gel!. No odor, MMA and HEMA FREE! Cures in 60 sec! The difference is clear, our diamond gel differs from other brands as it can be used with or without a non wipe top coat. Please refer too our tutorials section on the site for step by step instructions.

Chrome Collection


Holographic Chrome $15.00


Super fun with these glow in the dark pigments, great for the club or out with friends! Can be burnished into the tacky layer of any gel polish, mixed with acrylic or gel. Easy and versatile addition to any nail service.


$5 for set of 5 

(5 assorted colors)

Holographic & Opalescent Flames, Butterflies, leaves, playboy bunnies, lips, drips and letters. Each pack contains 5 assorted colors of each design you choose, photo for display purposes.

Lips & Drips 

$5 for set of 5 

(5 assorted colors) 

Playboy bunnies, Butterflies & Leaves 

$5 for set of 5 

(5 assorted colors)

The Letters 

$5 for set of 5 

(5 assorted colors)

Iridescent super shiny hex glitter for every occasion.     $5.00

FIMO FRUIT:  $3.00

Fun little bits to add to your nail enhancements, every color of the rainbow is included in these little gems, perfect with glitter for any season or occasion.

5 Super quality glitter mixes 5g for just $3.00!


Create sets that pop! Introverted lizard is a chameleon glitter that changes colors from green to blue, Dark Knight is also purple to blue. Lush is just that lush pink with golden & purple tones, Cotton Candy dots is pretty pastels with bits of iridescent Mylar and Blue Lagoon is stunning blue, gold and teal with gorgeous purple hearts in the mix. Eco friendly and solvent resistant.