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Concept Gel System

Sculpting Gel $14.50 15ml

Sculpt beautiful extensions or overlay natural nails with our gel, smooth creamy consistency self leveling and no heat spike, Hema and MMA free

Crystal Clear - Perfect glass like finish. 

Snow White - The ultimate white, use for Ombré and         French. 

Peach Kiss -If you love peach this Builder Gel is for you, gorgeous peach tones build a perfect color. 

Natural Pink - Semi translucent soft pink excellent natural color. 

Nude - Beautiful for any skin tone, this nude is a perfect shade. 

Pink Chiffon - Classy opaque cool light pink, excellent for Ombré or by itself! 

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‘Where Only The Best Will Do’

Prep plus 8ml $6.00

Increases the pH of natural nails to promote optimum adhesion of all nail products. An even application before polish, acrylic, gel or any nail enhancement. Binder, Use before nail polish or gel polish to prevent chipping or peeling.