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Concept Gel Polish

All #1 Concept Nails products are HEMA and MMA FREE!!

#1 Concept Nails soak off Gel Polish $10.00

#1 Concept Nails soak off gel polish available in 288 beautiful shades. Get 4-5 weeks of wear with pigment content that covers gently in a single layer. Cures in 1 minute LED, 15mls gives you more polish for more manis, flat brush for easy application. Apply #1 Concept Nails base gel for superior adhesion, Top it with our super glossy Top Gel for lasting durability with an incredible finish!

Create stunning effects with all our beautiful types of cat eye polish $10.00

Chameleon Cat Eye Collection: Shimmering glittery 3d effects

Charm Cat Eye Collection: Deep rich colors give depth to these 3d effects

Crystal Cat Eye Collection: Mirror like 3d effects with colors out of this world!

Jade Cat Eye Collection: The name says it all, Gorgeous Jade in every shade with 3d effects.

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#1 Concept Nails Top Gel

NO WIPE TOP GEL leaves no sticky residue, Superb versatility- use with any gel polish system. Adds strength, durability and incredible glossy shine! Full cure in 30 secs in LED.

SOAK OFF BASE GEL three functions in one clear base gel providing super strong adhesion. easy to use, for best results apply in a thin layer. Flexible and durable. Full cure in 1 min LED. 

#1 Concept Berry Fragrance Cuticle Oil $6.00

This luxurious oil envelopes skin with sweet almond oil, jojoba oil

natural keratin, amino acid, organic calcium & berry fragrance.

Soften revitalize & improve cuticle appearance.

Thermo Gel Polish $10.00 ea 

Turn colors into wonders with color changing Thermo Gel Polish

Simply heat them up or cool them down and watch the magic!

Green Gel Polish $10.00 ea

Make them green with envy, every shade of green you'll need is here.

Violet Gel Polish $10.00 ea

Purple people unite! We love purple here at #1 Concept Nails so much that it is

one of our signature colors.

Green Glitter Gel Polish $10.00 ea

Grey Gel Polish $10.00 ea

Grey has hit an all time high, here in Oregon grey is common as we have more rain and grey skies thought out the year get in style with these grey shades that will boost those rainy day blues.

Blue glitter gel polish $10.00 ea

This photo definitely does not do these blues any justice, so much more vibrant and beautiful in person. #1 is a mermaid fans dream, the glitters shine bright like a diamond.

Red Glitter Gel Polish $10.00 ea

Scarlet slippers, ruby red, blood red glitter, Dorthy is in the house!

Yellow Gel polish $10.00 ea

Cerise "Rose" gel polish $10.00 ea

Vibrant rose hues, bright pinks and soft tones make up this unique collection. 

New Coffee Collection Gel Polish $10.00 ea

Red Series Gel Polish

From the brightest rose to the deepest these reds have you covered 

$10.00 ea