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Concept Efile and Efile Bits

Concept Efile bits $10.50 - $21.95

Ceramic & Diamond bits designed for ease of use and comfort for the client, each bit fits 3/32 shank for most Efiles, made of durable quality ceramic & carbide. 

#1 Concept Mandrels & Sanding Bands $4.00 - $8.00

Shape, buff and prep with our sanding bands and mandrel.

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‘Where Only The Best Will Do’

$17.50 FUSION EFILE BIT ! The all in 1 prep bit.......

Looking for that mystical unicorn? The search is over! This all in 1 prep bit can do it all, replace all your prep bits with this 1 easy to use bit. No need to use 2 or 3 bits to achieve THAT CLEAN CUTICLE the almighty FUSION CAN DO IT ALL!

$21.95 THE FLAME 2

REDESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM PRECISION! The FLAME 2 is your go to bit for shaping, the design allows for maximum surface shaping, made of the highest quality ceramic without color giving you more life out of your bits. 


Create smile lines with ease, attach jewelry to acrylic nails, great for design work.