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Concept Acrylic System

#1 Concept Nails Custom Monomer MMA FREE


#1 Concept Nails Custom Monomer liquid is of the highest quality. This Custom Monomer is a lighter shade of purple and is fragranced to mask any odor. #1 Concept Nails Custom Monomer is compatible with all powders. Primer is optional but recommended for habitual problem lifters. Our Custom Monomer can be used for tip overlays, sculpted acrylics, or applied over natural nails for added strength. No lifting and Non-Yellowing creates happy clients. Happy clients generate returning customers. #1 Concept Nails Custom Monomer can be relied upon time and time again. Excellent for Pink and White Nails No Primer required Never Yellows Fast Drying Non Lifting Low odor Durable.

#1 Concept Nails Custom Monomer

Prep plus 8ml $6.00

Increases the pH of natural nails to promote optimum adhesion of all nail products. An even application before polish, acrylic, gel or any nail enhancement. Binder, Use before nail polish or gel polish to prevent chipping or peeling.